Geiranger World Heritage Ultra
Start at in Norddal
Around 57 km - around 3000 altimeters

Geiranger World Heritage Ultra is a new ultra race which is around 57 km long and 3000 m climb and is a part of Geiranger from fjord to summit 2019.

The start is at the fjord in the village of Norddal, around 30 km drive from Geiranger. From there the track goes over Storåsen hills to Eidsdal and from there into the world heritage area (West Norwegian Fjords) to Geiranger. These first 36 km contain two steep ascents and two decents and mostly go on trail and terrain road (gravel/gras). Around 6 km of the first 36 km to Geiranger is on tarmac road.

From the village of Geiranger, the track is identical to the track in Dalsnibba Run and Dalsnibbe Cycle Race, i.e. 21 km with rather constant climb on tarmac road to the summit of Mount Dalsnibba at 1476 altimeters.

The start in Norddal is at .

Geiranger World Heritage Ultra is a hard challenge for all ultra runners, with a track that goes through the best of Norwegian fjord landscape. The race is organized by Geiranger Sport Club and Eidsdal Sport Club.

Start in Norddal and finish on Mount Dalsnibba. Illustration: Google Earth

The track
The track is presented in the illustration in the right column. There you will also find link to Google Earth-file (.kmz) and .gpx-file. These contain minor deviations as they have been created from the map and are not recorded tracks. We strongly recommend that you study the track carefully, particularly from Norddal to Geiranger. The track will be marked and some guards will assist you, but it is the responsibility of the athletes to stay on the right track.

Norddal - Eidsdal - Geiranger (36 km)
From Norddal over to Eidsdal and to Geiranger, the track mostly consists of pathway, tractor roads or gravel roads. The only longer bits of tarmac is from before Storåsen (ca 2 km), past Eidsdal skule/school (around 1 km) and from Grande to Geiranger village (around 1.5 km). The track crosses the public road on 6 locations, where you have to be extra careful. These are marked in the in gps-track;
  • i Eidsdal village
  • Veiberg
  • at Eide bru at Lage Eidsvatnet (dropzone)
  • at Korsmyra
  • decent in Møllsbygda
  • at Grande bridge (almost down at the Geiranger fjord.)
Geiranger - Dalsnibba (21 km)
The track for the ultra run passes through the start area in Geiranger village where athletes are preparing for the Dalsnibba Run (start at 11.15) and Dalsnibba Cycle Race (start at 12.00). Particularly the bike race have many participants and we close off any car traffic in the minutes around the start. To prevent dangerous situations, the ultra runners will have to stop and wait should they arrive a few minutes before the start (11:58-12:01). We will not have a crash between ultra runners and bikecyclists in the start area!

From Geiranger village at the fjord and up to the summit on Mount Dalsnibba, the track is identical to track in Dalsnibba Run/Bike Race, i.e. the normal tarmac road except at Knuten with 500 m of gravel road.

It is allowed to change shoes underway and this can the done at the two dropzones, see below.

A class for men and a class for women.

You register for Geiranger World Heritage Ultra through Eqtiming. The fee is NOK . If you need a single time lisence, this will come in addition.

We will announce the prizes later this winter/spring.

Time limit
As 2019 is the first time we arrange the ultra race, we do not have a time limit this year. However, we reserve the right to close down the timing service and simplify the liquid stations after 15.00, but you will be transport from the finish line to Geiranger again. In case no finish time will be registred on you if you finish late, please report your time to us and we will update the results.

Backpack, beverages , dropzone and luggage
As the track is more or less located close to a car road, we have simple requirements for food and beverages that you need to have in your packback to 0.5 l of liquid and food.

There are 3 locations on the first 36 km from Norddal to Geiranger where you can refill your drink bottles. There are also three dropzones on the overall track, see below. It's also possible to refill in the start area in Geiranger.

From Geiranger village to Mount Dalsnibba, you can use the same drink stations as in Dalsnibba Run. The last ones also offer simple food and banans.

You can hand in three bags to us before start with your name on the lable, and we will distribute them to the three dropzones;
  • Dropzone Eide bridge at Lake Eidsvatnet (23.5 km), for e.g. food and beverage.
  • Geiranger village (start area, after 36 km), for e.g. food and tarmac shoes
  • Finish at Mount Dalsnibba (57 km), e.g. dry clothes and food
Remember to pack water proof and label the bag well with the lables enclosed with the bib!

Bib pick up
Coolect your bib in the start are in Geiranger Village (at the ferry pier) at Friday June 10th or from around 30 min before the start in Norddal at Saturday June 11th.

We will arrange for a free transport from Geiranger village (race administration) to the start in Norddal, departing at . There is also a free bus transport from the finish line back down to Geiranger village after finish. The busses go when they have been filled up after finish.
Video from the 2019 arrangementet
Fly-through of the track.
The track
Track description
1. After around 1 km small inclination from the start in Norddal, the track steepens on a trail through forreste up to Innsetsætra after 6 km and around 600 altimeters. From there a 2 km small declination through Rellingsætra to Hatlestad, and then more or less flat on tarmak until Storåsen (10,7 km) at 500 m above sea level. From there a road and trail downhill to Eidsdal at the fjord (13,6 km). From Eidsdal there is a small inclination up the valley on gravel road to Veiberg at around 200 altimeters (17.3 km). Illustratioon: Google Earth

2. From Veiberg first a wide trail and then a steep smaller trail up to Kleiva at 520 altimeters (20 km). From Kleiva on a rather flat road and trail to Eidsvatnet/Eide bru (430 altimeters and 23.5 km ), where the first dropzone is located. From there, run along the lake parallell to the road to Indreide (25.5 km). After a 1 km long inclination from Indreide the track go on rather flat trail through Indreidsdalen and then a slow inclination to Korsmyra at around 620 altimeters (30.8 km). Illustration: Google Earth

3. From Korsmyra follow around 1 km on flat gravel road and cross a bridge and follow the trail to Møllssætra (old summer farm). From there the track goes steep down into Møllsdalen. Cross a small bridge across the river before the track goes rather steep pass houses in Møllsbygda. From here you will also see Mount Dalsnibba (finish) for the first time. Continue on gras/trackk rather steep down to the tarmac road at Grande bridge almost at the Geiranger fjord. From here it is around 1.5 km on rather flat tarmac road to the start area for Dalsnibba Run and Dalsnibba Cycle Race in Geiranger village. Illustration: Google Earth

4. From Geiranger village, the track is identical to the track in Dalsnibba Run and Dalsnibba Cycle Race up to Mount Dalsnibba, i.e. 20.5 km 8-9% inclination on tarmac road until Mount Dalsnibba. See close description of this here. Illustration: Google Earth

Photos from the track
The start is down by the fjord in Norddal, and after 1 km the track goes rather steep on trail to around 600 altimeters to Innsetsætra. From there, slow decline to Rellingsætra and slighly upwards to Storåsen. Photo: Ivar Grønningsæter.

Lake Eidsvatnet is nicely located between Geiranger og Eidsdal. The track along the lake goes on the trail between the tarmac road and the lake to Indreide (farm at the end of the lake in the middle of the photo). From Indreiede, tre track goes down in thevalley. Photo from Google Maps

Downwards Møllsbygda you have a fantastic view out the Geiranger fjord (right), to Geiranger village (left) and you also see the finish at Mount Dalsnibba (far left in photo). Photo from Google Maps

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