Dalsnibba Walk21 and Dalsnibba Walk5
21 or 5 km - finish at 1500 meters above sea level.
Start at June 11th at 09.30-10.30 (21 km) and 12.00-12.30 (5 km)

In 2022, the Geiranger Walk is being arranged for the 30st time. It follows the same track as the Dalsnibba Run and the Dalsnibba Cycle Race up to Mount Dalsnibba. It is arranged by Geiranger Sport Association.

You can chose from two different starts;
  • The Dalsnibba Walk21 Start at the ferry at the fjord in the center of Geiranger at 09.30-10.30. The distance is 21 km and it is a 1500 m upwards.
  • The Dalsnibba Walk5 Start at Djupvasshytta at 12.00-12.30. The distance is 5 km and it is 440 meter upwards.

We encourage you to sign up online and pay at start. You can also sign up at start. See the list of registred participants for The Dalsnibba Walk21 and The Dalsnibba Walk5.

All contestants crossing the finish line receive a medal, and you are also included in the drawing of nice gift prizes. The gift prize winners will be listed at the prize giving ceremony where the gift prizes can be collected. This ceremony starts at 16.30 next to the start in the center of Geiranger.

The starting fee is NOK for persons aged 16 or above. For persons below 16 years old; NOK 50,-.

Bus transport is organized for those of you who want to start from Djupvasshytta. This bus leaves from the start area at the ferry at 11.10. Return of all participants from Djupvasshytta after finish.

See more information.

For track profile and where to start, click here.

Questions? Give us a ring (+47 41 78 00 70) or write us.

Start at 09.30-10.30 from the center of Geiranger or 12.00-12.30 from Djupvasshytta.
103 participants in 2015
122 participants in 2014
113 participants in 2013
124 participants in 2012
98 participants in 2011
131 participants in 2010
Approx. 100 participants in 2009
146 participants in 2008
103 participants in 2007
87 participants in 2006
The Dalsnibba Walk21 starts at the Geiranger fjord and finishes at the peak of Mount Dalsnibba 1500 meters above sea level.

The Dalsnibba Walk5 starts at Djupvasshytta and heads up the back side of Mount Dalsnibba to the summit at 1500 meters above sea level.

Deltakarar frå hovudsponsor Devold i Geirangermarsjen.

Regnet/snøen såg ikkje ut til å verke inn på humøret!

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