The road to Dalsnibba

The 5 km long road from Djupvasshytta to Mount Dalsnibba (called Nibbevegen) has 11 hair pin bends and was completed in 1939. Its foundation was the great increase in the number of visitors in Geiranger in the 1930s. It was a local company, Geiranger Skysslag AS, which initiated the venture. Incredibly, the road to Mount Dalsnibba was made 17 years before there was a permanent all year open road to Geiranger. The road is one of the most popular spots to visit when people visit Geiranger.

From the plateau on the summit, you have a very high view over the fjord, perhaps the highest in the world which is available by car, This makes Dalsnibba very available and it is visited by almost 200 000 people each summer. A sunrise or sunset from the summit is a sight you will remember for a long time. So is also the stunning night sky in August with the view to the other summits.

It normally takes roughly 45 minutes to drive from the fjord an up to the summit. In 2005, a service building was constructed at the summit. This boasts a small shop, toilets and you can also get a cup of coffee. The building has a particular architecture which reflects the surrounding mountain landscape.

The 5 km road to the summit opens in early June and closes in the end of September. The toll is; Car/MC: NOK 100,- Bus: NOK 990,- The road has an automatic toll system where you can pay with credit card or cash.

Welcome to Dalsnibba, also by car!

Djupvasshytta a summer day in the 1930s. Just as back then, Geiranger Skysslag takes the cruise passangers from the fjord and up to Djupvasshytta and from 1939 also up to Dalsnibba.
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