Other activities

Some suggestions to other activities when in Geiranger.

Active Geiranger offers you an active weekend in Geiranger. They offer boat hire, kayaks and fishing equipment. They also have a boat taxi which takes you to the deserted farm in the fjord area. Here you can go ashore and be picked up later. See our website for more information, www.activegeiranger.no

Active Geiranger hires boats and kayaks.

The Fjord
Alternatively, you can visit the fjord by M/S Geirangerfjord, where you can go ashore and hike up to the farm Skagefl. From there the view over the fjord and the waterfalls the Seven Sisters is spectacular. From Skagefl you can hike back to Geiranger. M/S Geirangerfjord departs from Geiranger at 09.30, which is a perfect offer if you're not tired of uphills!

You can also hire kayaks from central Geiranger at Coastal Odyssey.

Photo from Blomberg.

Norwegian Fjordcenter
We will also recommend a visit at the Fjord center, which gives you an excellent introduction to culture, nature and the history in and around Geiranger.

The location of the Fjord Center seen from the Queen's Chair at Flydalsjuvet. Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Destinasjon Geirangerfjord Trollstigen

More information about what to do in Geiranger is also available at the official website.
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