Geiranger - a World Heritage site

The arrangement takes place in the heart of the Norwegian fjords on the western coast of Norway. The fjord landscape was created through tens of thousands of years of glacier movement which tore deep grooves in the landscape. As most of the ice disappeared at the end of last ice age, the lower part of the grooves filled with water from the ocean and the fjords were created.

The Geiranger-area was awarded World Heritage List status in 2005 for its scenic beauty. The Nryfjord south of Geiranger is also included. The two fjords represent the best of the best, as National Geographics Traveler recently awared the area as the best of all sites listed on the World Heritage List. They stated that:
    "To float into the Geirangerfjord is an astonishingly complete natural experience - steep, lush and rocky canyon walls, endless waterfalls, a snow-capped backdrop and inconceivably deep, emerald green water.


    The West Fjords have sensational scenery, are well-preserved and are clean. The people there are willing and helpful. There are great outdoor activities, and good hotel options and restaurants, but they close rather early! In May-June there's no feeling of mass tourism, visitors can just take ferries like normal Norwegians going about their business"
We are proud to arrange a sport arrangement in this scenery, and it is the nature that makes it such a special event. We might as well have called it Geiranger - from Summer to Winter, as participating really takes you from the mild and lush Scandinavian summer at sea level, to snow and arctic conditions at finish.

Participating in Geiranger - From Fjord to Summit will not just make a heavy impact on your muscles, but also on your mind. Guaranteed.

Some more photos from Geiranger:

The Flydalsjuvet Gorge is one of the most famous tourist motives in Norway and offers a great view directly into the Flydalsjuvet Gorge, towards the centre of Geiranger and to the Geiranger fjord.

Photo taken from the farm Blomberg, overlooking the Geiranger fjord.
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