Practical information

Here you will find information about transportation, schedules, etc.

Geiranger From Fjord to Summit is arranged for the next time on June 11th 2022. The starting area is easy to find in the small centre of Geiranger, and parking, showers and the prize giving ceremony are all easy accessible by foot. See the map of the village centre.
  • Pick-up of bib number (start number): Friday June 10th at 18.00 - 20.00 at the start area and Saturday from 09.00 at the start area (very close to the ferry pier).
  • Drink station: In total 7 stations with sports nutrition, water, etc. See map for details.
  • Transport: Buses from Mount Dalsnibba back to the start area after finish, including transport of bikes. Extra sweat suits/clothes for after finish can be transported to Mount Dalsnibba by a bus departing from the start area just before start.
  • Wardrobe/shower: Geiranger Skule (Geiranger School) and Geiranger Camping (ask for coin for shower in the reception).
  • Medic: Emergency service is available along the track and after finish.
  • Further information: contact Eidsdal Sport Accosiation co/Jan Kre Eide on +47 951 46 088 or e-mail.
Only online registration possible, which is possible until FEIL. Registration for the Dalsnibba Walk is preferably done online or at start.

If you register before FEIL, you will automatically participate in the drawing for the gift prizes.

You will find parking at Geiranger Skule (the school), at the grocery store (Joker) and in the starting area. Please refer to the map of the village centre.

You can find shower at Geiranger Skule (the school) and at Geiranger Camping.

Prize giving ceremony
At 16.30, the prize giving ceremony starts at the docks just next to the starting area. The winners will be awarded and there will be entertainment. The gift prizes can be picked up in the secretariat.

Closure of the road to Dalsnibba for traffic
The 5 km long road from Djupvasshytta to Dalsnibba will be closed from 11.30 to around ca kl 14.30 on the day of the race. A shuttlebus will run between Djupvatnet and Dalsnibba, which for no charges will provide transportation for the spectators. You can also walk this discance. We therefore request the spectators to park their car at Djupvatnet and follow the arrangement along the traffic free road to Dalsnibba. See map here.

Cars with special permit will be exempted from the closure.

Escort cars
The remaining parts of the track will be open for traffic (between start and Djupvasshytta). Due to experiences made in previous years, we strongly request to waiv the use of escort cars, as this can cause dangerous situations and pose a security risk for the athletes. The road is narrow and bendy and it is often tight where buses or heavier traffic meet. It is of everybody's interest that the arrangement goes as smoothly as possibly, and we therefore request spectators to settle along the track before the start of Dalsnibba Run at 11.15.

Time schedule
A list of deadlines and times in Geiranger From Fjord to Summit 2022is found below:
  • March 11th: Register before March 11th and the fee is only NOK .
  • June 8th: Online registration closes this day. After this, you can only register at start on the day of the race. This is also the last day you can change the type of bike for your registration in Dalsnibba Cycle Race.
  • Friday June 10th at 18.00 - 20.00 at the start area and Saturday from 09.00: You can pick up your BIB in the starting area.
On the day of the arrangement (June 11th):
  • At : Start Dalsnibba Duathlon (bicycle)
  • Friday June 10th at 18.00 - 20.00 at the start area and Saturday from 09.00: Pick up your race number at the race office (close to the start)
  • At 09.30-10.30: Start Dalsnibba Walk (21 km) from the fjord.
  • At FEIL: Early start Dalsnibba Ski Race (for those who start 1 hour earlier)
  • At FEIL: Early start Dalsnibba Run (for those who start 1 hour earlier)
  • At FEIL: Start Dalsnibba Ski Race Mini
  • At 10.50: Start Dalsnibba Mini Run
  • At 11.00: A bus in which the runners can leave their clothing departs from the starting area.
  • At 11.15: Start Dalsnibba Run and Dalsnibba Duathlon (running)
  • At FEIL: Early start Dalsnibba Cycle Race (for those who start 1 hour earlier)
  • At 12.00-12.30: Start Dalsnibba Walk5 from Djupvasshytta.
  • At 11.45: A bus with room for bicyclers clothing departs from the start area.
  • At 12.00: Start Dalsnibba Cycle Race
  • At 11.30: Closure of the road from Djupvatnet to Dalsnibba (Nibbevegen).
  • At 16.30: Prize giving ceremony close to the starting area.
  • At 22.00 Party at Olebuda.
Sunday June 12th
  • At. Skiing to Mount Bltind. Meeting point at Djupvasshytta.
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