Geiranger - Dalsnibba 21 km

The track is on a narrow road, which means that you will experience even inclination and enough space. We close off as much as the road as practically possible, particularly the first 5 km, after there is a little bit of trafic.

The race starts at the world famous Geiranger fjord in the small village centre of Geiranger. After approx. 4 km with a slope of (1:12) up to the Flydalsjuvet gorge, the track flattens out and goes on 300 m gravel road though 'Knuten'. This is a 270 degree bend constructed in order to overcome a large crag.

At Oplenskedal after 6 km, there is further an steady climb of approx 1:12 up to 14 km (Blåfjellet) From here, the terrain is more or less flat for the next 2 km until reaching Lake Djupvatnet (16 km).

Djupvasshytta - Dalsnibba 5 km

From Djupvasshytta at Lake Djupvatnet, the ascent to Mount Dalsnibba starts. This last bit is 5 km and has a climb of 1:8 and is therefore considered the toughest part. Particularly the first 200 m are tough. These last 5 km have asphalt/tarmac from 2014.

From there it is an even ascent up to 1450 meters above sea. The last bit consists a small down hill and then only 200 m remains before the finish. The view from the upper part of this road is nothing less than spectacular!

The 21 km track has 35 180-degree bends, and a height difference of 1500 meters (4500 feet).

There are not just uphill. Infact, there are three downhill slopes with a lenght of 250 metres each.

The first 16 km are almost identical with the road that received a gold medal for excellent engineering at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900. The main part of the track was completed in 1889 and have attracted visitors from all over the world ever since. In 1939, the last 5 km up to Mount Dalsnibba opened and it is today one of the largest tourist attractions in Norway. These last 5 km will be closed for traffic during the race.

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Map of the start area.

Visitnorway.com's fantastic panoramic photos from Geiranger.

Profile of the track

A comparison between Nibberittet and some climbs in Tour de France.

Map from Google.

Her er brøytekanten som høgast, opp mot 10 meter? Her er ein straks i mål berre nokre hundre meter att
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