Dalsnibba Cycle Race
Start June 11th 2022 at 12.00
21 km - 0 to 1500 metres above sea level

Dalsnibba Cycle Race is a bicycle race being held for the 23th time. The start is at the Geiranger Fjord and finish on Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 metres above sea level. Read more about the breath-taking track. The race is being arranged by Eidsdal Sport Association.

There are 8 places along the track where we serve drinks and water. You can find photos from the race in the photo section. See also a movie for the cycle race!

Type of bicycle
You can use the bicycle you want as long as it is not motorized. Helmet usage is mandatory.

Men and women from 16-18 years, 19-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years and 75+.

Start list

You will find results from the previous Dalsnibba Cycle Race here.

The prizegiving ceremony takes place at approx. 16.30 in the start area.

The awards from Sparebanken Møre;
1st prize: NOK 5000,-
2nd prize NOK 3000,-
3rd prize: NOK 2000,-
Bonus for new best time is an additional NOK 10 000,-.

All completing contestants receive a medal. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in each class (for maximum for 1/3rd of the contestants in the class).

Drawing of a grand prize among all the bike contestants, and if you register no later than FEIL, you are also included in the drawing for generous gift prizes from our sponsors. The gift prize winners will be listed in the starting area, and winners can pick up their prize after the race.

Registration is made online only. We encourage our foreign participants to pay by credit card when you sign up.

The fee will depend on the time of registration, starting from NOK 450,-. Read more about the fee here.

You need a licence to compete in Dalsnibba Cycle Race. If you don't have an international cycling licence, you have to purchase a one-time licence. This licence depends on the time of payment, see more information about this here. You can pay the one time licence together with the fee by adding NOK 170,-/220,- to the transfer.

Additional useful information

For more information, contact v/Merete Rønneberg, mobile phone +47 99 37 65 85.

Best time:
Men: Bjørn Tore Hoem (Team Sparebanken sør) on 1:00:26 in 2014. Women: Borghild Løvseth on 1.09.04 in 2018.

Prizes from Sparebanken Møre (elite class):
1st: NOK 5000,-
2nd: NOK 3000,-
3rd: NOK 2000,-

In addition NOK 10 000,- for new best time!
# of contestants:
255 contestants in 2019
303 contestants in 2018
241 contestants in 2017
348 contestants in 2016
289 contestants in 2015
441 contestants in 2014
342 contestants in 2013
353 contestants in 2012
384 contestants in 2011
464 contestants in 2010
372 contestants in 2009
388 contestants in 2008
288 contestants in 2007
202 contestants in 2006
160 contestants in 2005
146 contestants in 2004
149 contestants in 2003

June 11th 2022, start at 12.00
The track starts at the Geiranger fjord and ends at the top of Mount Dalsnibba 1500 meters above sea level

After approx. 5 km, Knuten awaits. It is followed by the first section of descent.

Gravel road for the second time after 8 km. This is a part of the original road.

Most of the climb is done at Blåfjellsbrakka. A bit flatter section follows, but it gets steep again 2 km later.

View towards East and Lake Djupvatnet. This is in the steepest part of the track and 3 km remains.

Contestants in Dalsnibba Race21 in silhouette with Mount Blåtind in the background.
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