Geiranger fjord - Dalsnibba on June 11th 2022
Geiranger From Fjord to Summit is arranged by Geiranger Sport Association and Eidsdal Sport Association. You start by the fjord and either run, bicycle or walk to Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sea level.

Cycle Run

21 km long
1500 m up
Dalsnibba Cycle Race
A pure uphill race.

Start list
Dalsnibba Run
One of Norway's hardest uphill runs

Start list
Hardt but short

4.0 km long
300 m up

Dalsnibba Mini Run
Intended for the young, open for all.

Start list
Dalsnibba Walk
21 km, 10 or 5 km.
Start list 21 km
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